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Web 2.0 Recruitment - RecruitPro Live
RecruitPro Live is a web recruitment solutions which comes with Career site, Web 2.0 Job marketing, Recruitment Processing, Consultant management & Employee Referral Program and more.
Ideal for both Employers and Recruitment Consultants
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Customizable Recruitment Software - RecruitPro 360
RecruitPro 360 helps create your entire recruitment software without coding. You can create your own recruitment software to suit your unique working methods.
Ideal for Recruitment Consultants, Talent Search Firms & Employers
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RX Job site Solution
Are you planning to start your own jobsite. RX JobSite is a complete job site application software with almost all features of leading Jobsites & much more
Entrepreneurs & Recruitment business expansion opportunity
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RecruitPro 360

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RecruitPro 360

Recruitment as a function is common for every Industry. But no 2 Recruitments are the same.

In a Hotel industry, you may recruit a Chef & in a Software company, we hire programmers.

Can we Recruit people for these 2 positions with the same yard stick?

No way…

Recruitment Process and policies differ from Organization to organization.

RecruitPro helps you create your own process, workflow & Information databases and seamlessly integrates all of them & helps you recruit… your way

Product Features

  • Robust Search with option to search all candidate database fields and also search within the Resume of candidates for keywords
  • Complete Recruitment Process Automation
  • Dynamic User privilege of every function in RecruitPro
  • Bulk Import of Resume from Local folders and Outlook and easy data migration tool facilitating Zero data entry
  • Single window display of entire candidate information including Resume (in format submitted), Information collected and also Candidate engagement status for decision making
  • Requirement Statistics for every requirement according to your process
  • Announcement Board and Private Messaging within user group
  • Bulk update of candidate status
  • Bulk Emailing to Candidates
  • Export to Excel
  • Previous and Next option to view complete details in all modules without opening multiple windows.
  • Fully customizable Database of Candidates, Clients, RMs, Users, Source & Requirements

Fully Customizable Software

RecruitPro 360 actually adapts to your business needs. You no longer have to change your way of working to implement ATS in your organisation. What is more, you can actually customize it yourself.

RecruitPro helps you create Candidate Engagement Process and also database of Candidates, clients, requirements, source and users. Updating the software according to your changing needs is quiet simple and can be done by you.

It is your Recruitment… Do it your way

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