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Web 2.0 Recruitment - RecruitPro Live
RecruitPro Live is a web recruitment solutions which comes with Career site, Web 2.0 Job marketing, Recruitment Processing, Consultant management & Employee Referral Program and more.
Ideal for both Employers and Recruitment Consultants
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Customizable Recruitment Software - RecruitPro 360
RecruitPro 360 helps create your entire recruitment software without coding. You can create your own recruitment software to suit your unique working methods.
Ideal for Recruitment Consultants, Talent Search Firms & Employers
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RX Job site Solution
Are you planning to start your own jobsite. RX JobSite is a complete job site application software with almost all features of leading Jobsites & much more
Entrepreneurs & Recruitment business expansion opportunity
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RecruitPro 360

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RecruitPro 360

Designed to adapt to your way of working, RecruitPro enhances your Recruitment process, streamlines workflow and increases productivity in and profitability of your organisation. RecruitPro 360 is a fully customizable software which can actually be customized by you. It is the result of over 11 years of Recruitment expertise of the promoters and an expert team of developers.

Features such as Intuitive user interface, automated resume import facility, powerful search and match capabilities, intranet user communication center, notes, sophisticated Tracker are quiet unique and user friendly.

Whatever the size of your business, RecruitPro provides a complete software solution for managing your recruitment process. A high level of process automation means that RecruitPro releases your busy recruitment consultants from much of the burden associated with time-consuming, mundane office administration. Instead they can focus their valuable time and talents on core business activities, equipped with the tools necessary to make your business grow and prosper.

Take a deeper look into RecruitPro 360

  • User Centric Design

RecruitPro’s user-centric design team has created an application that allows your recruiters to focus on recruitment rather than having to become software specialists. RecruitPro has a separate module for every step of the recruitment process. Each one provides a comprehensive set of functions that aids recruiters in performing their tasks with ease and saves precious time.

RecruitPro guarantees its ability to decrease workload. The secret for this efficiency is hidden in the unique ‘Single window solution’. It enables you to see all information in a Single window where by decreasing your time in navigating between pages.

With RecruitPro your Recruiters are able to look at the applicant's profile information, original resume and history notes in a single Window, therefore reducing the necessary time for candidate evaluation. Similarly, in the Requirement module they could see the Requirement profile, information, Job tracker panel and statistics for that requirement.

Your consultants will find they are able to perform multiple tasks much more rapidly and efficiently without having to continually open and close windows within the application.

The innovative Single window interface, combined with interface technology that logically follows the recruitment process, makes RecruitPro 360 extremely easy to learn and simple to use. Typically, recruitment consultants are proficient users after just an hour of browsing through the software.

  • Automated Resume Importing

Automated Resume import eliminates the time and costs of manual data entry as well as the risk of human error, in order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all your applicant files.

RecruitPro recruitment software comes fully loaded with Resume import module at no additional cost. This module does the administrative work for you as it automatically imports Resume from Outlook, Folders and clip board & provides a right click option to easily import resume into RecruitPro 360 database. It usually takes less than a minute to import a resume into RecruitPro. Your Recruiters will not be intimidated by large amounts of incoming CVs anymore.

  • Robust Search

RecruitPro is loaded with the most powerful and at the same time easy to use search functions.

RecruitPro allows you to search by any combination of keywords, free text, or random field from one single compact form. The search is developed to turn the most complex search task into a pleasurable journey into the database.

RecruitPro comes equipped with a comprehensive full text search which helps you search for keywords from within the Resume.

  • Sophisticated communication within your organisation

RecruitPro 360 comes equipped with a comprehensive internal communication management application. With this module you are able to send private messages to any particular Recruiter, make announcement to all your Recruiters and RecruitPro sends out an Alert to the recipients of the messages. It also provides you an option to make personal notes for instant references. The announcement board can effectively be used as a motivating tool to improve productivity of your Recruiters.

Comprehensive Emailing Solution

RecruitPro 360 has integrated Outlook in its application to send and receive emails. We have provided various functionalities in emailing for effective CRM

  • Bulk mailing for sending out Newsletters and Marketing campaigns
  • Multiple attachments in single email to send shortlisted candidates to clients or department heads
  • Emailing to particular candidate or a group of candidates regarding their shortlist status and interview intimation
  • Job Tracking & Process management

Job Tracking tool helps you tracks progress of Job Vacancies and Applicants. The moment a requirement is created, you can start managing your Work flow & when an applicant's Resume is received for the position, you can maintain and follow every step from Screening to placement in the Job Tracking module. Once your client has made a decision about which applicants they want to invite for an interview, you can send out intimation to applicants through email directly from RecruitPro 360.

  • Management Reports

Management reports are the tool of the CEO to keep track of the overall progress and return on investment (ROI). RecruitPro provides you with exhaustive Reports such as Resume inflow, Requirement and Placement statistics, Process time report vis-à-vis every client, recruiter and Source which will help you take informed business decisions.

  • Customizing your RecruitPro

RecruitPro actually provides you with the best features & functionalities in the market and also provides you the option of customizing your application according to your specific needs.

You can actually create fields in your Candidate, client, user, source and requirement databases and update them according to your changing needs. Workflow, Candidate engagement process can also be created with RecruitPro 360.

Now you don’t have to change your way of working to implement an ATS in your organisation. RecruitPro helps you automate your entire Recruitment process without changing your processes.

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