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Web 2.0 Recruitment - RecruitPro Live
RecruitPro Live is a web recruitment solutions which comes with Career site, Web 2.0 Job marketing, Recruitment Processing, Consultant management & Employee Referral Program and more.
Ideal for both Employers and Recruitment Consultants
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Customizable Recruitment Software - RecruitPro 360
RecruitPro 360 helps create your entire recruitment software without coding. You can create your own recruitment software to suit your unique working methods.
Ideal for Recruitment Consultants, Talent Search Firms & Employers
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RX Job site Solution
Are you planning to start your own jobsite. RX JobSite is a complete job site application software with almost all features of leading Jobsites & much more
Entrepreneurs & Recruitment business expansion opportunity
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RecruitPro 360

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Key Benefits

  • Easy to learn, simple to use
  • Reduces repetitive data entry, Improves data accuracy & reduces duplication of effort
  • Measurable ROI & Reduced operating cost
  • Competitive pricing
  • Improves business communications & Increases the professionalism of your external communications
  • Numerous customizable features
  • Streamlines workflow according to your needs
  • Increased productivity & Eliminates administrative backlogs
  • Improved time and task management - Work completed with greater speed & accuracy
  • Reduces paperwork & Improved efficiency
  • Optimizes the quality of placements & Reduces time to placement
  • Increases the speed of search for the right candidate
  • Greater focus on core business activities
  • Strengthens brand identity, raises brand awareness and supports marketing activities
  • Supports your company's continued growth
  • Provides business intelligence for management
  • Avoids failures in performing critical business tasks
  • Gain greater insight & control of business operations
  • Reliable software, minimal maintenance & downtime
  • Improves coordination and collaboration - Allows the sharing of information
  • Encourages and enforces the use of your standardized business processes
  • Improves client satisfaction levels
  • Generates more repeat business
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